Availability Management Service

Service Deliverables

  • Establish an Availability Management Framework
  • Produce and maintain an appropriate and up-to-date availability plan
  • Provide advice and guidance to your business and IT on all availability-related issues
  • Ensure that your service availability achievements meet all your agreed SLA targets
  • Implement effective measurement and reporting of availability, reliability and maintainability
  • Perform availability business impact assessments and risk analysis
  • Assess current availability, monitor and create a baseline
  • Assist you with planning for new or changed service requirements
  • Investigate and address availability issues

Business Benefits

  • Service availability issues are identified and corrected before they negatively impact services
  • Enhances your reputation of your business service in market place
  • Levels of availability required are agreed, measured and monitored to fully support SLAs
  • Reduction in the frequency and duration of IT service failures over time
  • Your IT support organisation is seen to ‘add value’ to the business

Our Methodology

  • Establish an Availability Management Framework
  • Assess current availability and create a baseline
  • Assess business impact
  • Plan for new or changed service requirements
  • Monitor and review availability
  • Investigate and address availability

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