Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery Service

Service Deliverables

  • Assist you in meeting your objective and allow you to continue to manage your business under adverse conditions
  • Recoverability, Resilience and Redundancy Analysis
  • Introduction of appropriate resilience strategies
  • Recovery objectives
  • Disaster Recovery, Business continuity and crisis management plans
  • Alignment of Business Continuity and IT Service Continuity Management
  • Risk assessments
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Documented contingency and recovery plans

Business Benefits

  • Minimise disruption to your business and consistently meet the needs of your customers
  • Minimise business downtime and risk of financial loss
  • Protection of brand reputation
  • Maintain and gain a competitive advantage
  • Supports continuous and sustainable business improvement
  • An effective response to disruptions which minimizes the impact on your organization
  • Develop confidence in management's ability in being able to respond to a series of incidentsĀ and events in a formal, planned and tested way
  • Compliance with regulatory and governance requirements

Our Methodology

  • Establish a Business Continuity Framework
  • Maintain a continuity strategy
  • Develop and implement a business continuity response
  • Exercise, test and review the Business Continuity Plan
  • Review, maintain and improve the continuity plan
  • Conduct continuity plan training
  • Manage backup arrangements
  • Conduct post-resumption review

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