Capacity Management Service

Service Deliverables

  • Establish an Capacity Management Framework
  • MentPro will provide you with a capability assessment and roadmap to mature your Capacity Management process
  • MentPro will assist you to implement a Performance and Capacity Management framework, including principles, policies and processes aligned to industry best practices
  • MentPro will provide you with recommendations about how you can cost-effectively optimise your IT infrastructure
  • MentPro will establish an auditable and well governed Performance and Capacity Management discipline
  • Our Capacity Management Service is modular in nature and can be deployed in a controlled manner
  • MentPro will provide you with performance analysis, reporting and historical trending information
  • MentPro will assist you with cost avoidance strategies

Business Benefits

  • Proper information to assist with cost avoidance
  • MentPro end-to-end service stretches across heterogeneous environments, enabling you to provide service guarantees with confidence
  • We implement a solid foundation that helps reduce costs and improve efficiencies
  • Optimization of the resource usage of your IT infrastructure
  • Demand Planning mechanisms are put in place
  • MentPro Performance and Capacity Management Service provides you with the insights to enable you to align to your strategy

Our Methodology

  • Establish a Capacity Management Framework
  • Assess current performance and capacity and create a baseline
  • Assess business impact
  • Plan for new or changed service requirements
  • Monitor and review capacity
  • Investigate and address performance and capacity issues

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